When Do I Need A Lawyer?

You need the services of a probate lawyer in case of any event which involves probate court proceedings. Every estate has its court system which may differ from others. In Florida, you need a probate lawyer for all types of probate cases excluding cases of “disposition without administration” (for small properties) and those properties where the person representing the case or executor is also a sole beneficiary of the estate.

To handle complex probate cases in Florida, you need a professional and experienced local lawyer because there are so many complications and technical regulations which can be frustrating for you to handle on your own. You cannot count on the clerk office to guide you in probate cases in Florida as things are quite complex.

You need the assistance of a personal injury lawyer in Florida in case you have sustained a physical injury due to an accident. Such cases are quite complicated to deal with. You need a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer in Florida who knows local laws to help with recovery and compensation after a critical accident.

Our trained and experienced personal injury lawyer in Florida helps you file your case in the right court or county properly. We know which counties are likely to give you better compensations and the likelihood of your case going to trial.

Can I Handle My Own Legal Problems?

No, it is not possible for you to efficiently handle your legal problems without the assistance of a professionally-licensed lawyer or law firm. Only a Florida Bar licensed member is eligible to provide you support with legal proceedings and advice. It is the job of a lawyer to make the law work in your best interest.

People frequently hire the services of a lawyer to execute wills, expertly handle real estate cases and fulfill other legal requirements. If you attempt to manage your legal problems without sufficient experience, you might be prosecuted for UPL (the unlicensed practice of the law). This can have adverse effects on your case.

Can I Change Attorneys?

People often approach us with this question. Yes, absolutely! You can change your lawyer or attorney anytime you feel like during the proceedings. If you are not happy with the approach of your current lawyer or attorney, anytime during the proceedings or after the filing of the lawsuit, you have the legal right to fire your attorney.

The Supreme Court of Florida has given you full freedom to choose your attorney. It is you who has the power to decide whether you want the existing attorney to handle your case or want to hire another.

What Should My Attorney Expect From Me?

Your attorney expects open, honest and quick communication regarding the case. You should be receptive and stay open-minded to accept the facts. It would be best if you work closely with your attorney to identify the weaknesses and strengths of your case and create a powerful strategy for case resolution.

Whenever you are required to send certain documents or emails, you should promptly respond to requests and show your active participation in the proceedings. You should also pay your bills on time to avoid any problems due to non-payment of fees.

Last but not least, you should have realistic expectations from the case as outcomes are not in the hands of attorney. Although attorneys do their best to work in your best interest, they cannot give you guarantee of a certain outcome.

What Should I Expect When I Hire An Attorney?

  • When you hire an attorney you should expect
    • Adherence to an ethical code of conduct
    • Open-communication
    • Sound knowledge of the prevailing county or state laws
    • Experience of dealing with particular cases
    • A complete payment scheme without any hidden charges
    • Thorough professionalism
    • Core competency of handling similar cases,
    • Honesty and transparency

What Should I Look For In An Attorney?

When you hire an attorney for your any case, you should look for the following essential qualities:

  • Qualifications
  • Previous experience
  • Expertise in handling the particular type of cases or lawsuits
  • Reputation in the industry
  • Prior history of lost or won cases
  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Availability
  • Open communication
  • Compassion and rapport

Lorenzo Law Firm has all these qualities to help you get through your probate and personal injury cases comfortably and efficiently. With extensive experience in handling all kinds of personal injury, wrongful death, real estate, and guardianship cases in the Miami, FL area, we are a trusted and reputed law firm in the local community for proficiently handling legal issues of the community.

When Can I Contact Lorenzo Law?

You can get in touch with us anytime at your convenience. The earlier you contact, the better it is for your case. We have offices In Miami-Dade and Broward County. You can contact us on the provided contact numbers, and we will be ready to offer you effective consultation for your probate or personal injury cases in Florida.